Someone Put ‘When It’s Gone, It’s Gone’ Sticker On Madeleine McCann Book

by : UNILAD on : 20 May 2018 16:53
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A bookshop worker placed a distasteful sticker on a Madeleine McCann book, and the photo has since gone viral.


I’m not sure if it was an accident, but someone at The Works bookshop placed a ‘When It’s Gone It’s Gone!’ sticker on the book about the missing young girl.

The sticker showed the book reduced from £7.99 to £3 and a photo of it was uploaded to Twitter captioned: ‘Of all the price sticker choices’.

The stationary shop have now apologised ‘unreservedly’ after the gaff on Danny Collins’ book Madeleine McCann: Ten Years On had been spotted.


Some people on Twitter were outraged at the shop’s decision to use the sticker, with one saying ‘ffsake do people not realise this is someone’s child’.

However another defended The Works, writing:

This is ridiculous, It’s just a slogan on a sticker, The Works was not at all trying to do this on purpose.. seriously

A man was recently slammed on social media for sharing a photo of a vile tattoo he got on his bum.

Daniel Gadsden posted a snap of his new tattoo on his Facebook page on Wednesday (May 2) which, of course, caused outrage.

It read:

McCann’s Are Guilty.


Tagging his location as Calvia, Majorca, Daniel wrote:

What have I woke up with

He also shared a photo of the body ink on the top of his right buttock.

Earlier this month, to mark the anniversary of the Leicestershire child’s disappearance, the UK government pledged a new cash injection to the McCann’s case of over £150,000.

This significant funding boost will allow Scotland Yard to extend Operation Grange until September, 2018.

As reported by The Telegraph, Home Office Minister of State, Baroness Williams of Trafford made the following statement:

An application from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for further Special Grant funding for Operation Grange for 1 April – 30 September 2018 has been received.

This is for an amount similar to the £154,000 granted for the period of 1 October 2017 – 31 March 2018. The MPS has been briefed that its latest application will be granted.

Operation Grange was launched by Metropolitan Police back in 2011 and is reportedly following several lines of inquiry.


Posting on the ‘Official Find Madeleine Campaign’ Facebook page, Madeleine’s parents Kate, 50, and Gerry, 49, wrote the following message of hope to their supporters:

It gets harder to know what to say or write as each anniversary of Madeleine’s abduction approaches then passes. Life is full and busy which helps but Madeleine is still missing and she is still dearly missed.

Information continues to come in (incredible as it may seem after so long, although we are grateful for that) and work goes on. Perseverance and hope remain.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and wish us, especially Madeleine, well. After eleven years such warmth and persisting solidarity is truly remarkable, and at the same time a real tonic and boost to our spirit.

We couldn’t bear for Madeleine to be forgotten or to become just a ‘story’. She is a real person and still our ‘little girl’ and as we always have, we will endeavour to do whatever it takes to find her. Thank you so much for staying with us on this mission.

May 2018 – 11th Anniversary of Madeleine’s Abduction It gets harder to know what to say or write as each anniversary…

Posted by Official Find Madeleine Campaign on Wednesday, 2 May 2018

In March 2018, The Home Office announced Scotland Yard would receive additional funding to follow an important ‘final line of enquiry:’

The Government remains committed to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

We have briefed the Mps that its application for Special Grant funding for Operation Grange will be granted.

Details about this line of enquiry have not been made public.

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