Someone Recreated The Kangaroo Punch With Conor McGregor

Bloom Brothers/Viral Hog

It’s the fight that went viral and split opinion: When Greig Tonkins punched a kangaroo in the face on a mission to save his dog Max from the roo’s stranglehold, a lot of people had a lot of opinions.

Although PETA calling for Tonkins, who works for Taronga Western Plains Zoo, to be fired for his violent peacekeeping methods, others found the altercation more funny than upsetting.

Animal rights activists should look away now, because you’re probably not going to enjoy this mashup of the original fisticuffs.

Ray Rod has inserted UFC Champion Conor McGregor into the frey, doctoring the fight to include one of McGregor’s trademark right hooks.

In the edit, the Celtic Tiger jumps into the mix to help Tonkins save Max – after Tonkins came under some friendly fire from his mates who criticised his weak punch.

Scott Calleja

In case you missed it, here is the punch Tonkins delivered, creating the biggest shitstorm since Harambe.

Meanwhile, Taronga Conservation Society have said they do not condone his actions towards the animal but Tonkins will keep his job and undergo further training to prevent an incident of animal cruelty like this reoccurring.