Someone Wore A GoPro During The Raid Of El Chapo’s Hideout

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The Mexican government have released dramatic footage of the raid on Joachim ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s lair.

The video was shot on a Mexican marine’s GoPro and shows a group of 17 armed officers storming the drug baron’s housing complex at 4.20am, after they received a tip off.

The police had to fight off fierce resistance from El Chapo’s men, using grenades and machine guns to eventually make their way into the compound, CNN report.

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The Mexican government released the footage after the infamous drug lord’s capture last Thursday – after he spent six months on the run.

The Telegraph report that five of El Chapo’s associates died during the raid and six of his men are in custody.

During the raid, reportedly named ‘Operation Black Swan’, El Chapo escaped into a hidden secret room behind a mirror in a bedroom believed to have been used by the kingpin.

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Inside the hidden chamber was a king-size double bed, fashionable clothes, along with food and medical supplies such as testosterone syringes and antibiotics.

In the video, the marines can be seen banging on the walls of the bedroom while they try and find the hidden door. Unfortunately El Chapo and his lieutenant had already fled with a 20-minute head start.

The room led into a tunnel system that led to a sewer – it’s believed the 58-year-old kingpin used these tunnels to get out of the house before stealing a car to make his getaway. 

Soldiers chased him and his accomplice through the tunnels and police spotted him speeding along a highway outside of the city.

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He was caught by the authorities who detained him in a nearby budget hotel before taking him to Los Mochis airport to be transferred to Mexico City.

It’s reported that Mexico now plans on extraditing El Chapo to the United States, where he is wanted for exporting hundreds of tonnes of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin across the border.