Someone Worked Out How Daenerys Turned Up To Save The Day At Just The Right Moment

by : UNILAD on : 19 Aug 2017 16:31

Warning: Plot spoilers be here beyond the Wall.


The latest episode of Game of Thrones raised many more questions than it answered – including, how did Daenerys conveniently arrive in time to save the day?

In the episode, accidentally broadcast by HBO Spain last week, seven characters headed north of the Wall to capture a dead man.

‘Beyond the Wall’ dedicated almost the whole hour to the mission above the Wall, and one particular moment when Daenerys showed up, left some viewers confused – but Reddit user MikeCNFI reckons he knows how it was all possible and issued a post to explain.

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The post reads:

It took about five days for word to get to Dany and for her to get back to them. Which is about how long it would take for the ice to freeze enough to support the army of wights.

Regarding Gendry, The Raven, and the timing of it all, it makes sense. I’m going to assume since they were looking for a lone White that they were not going in a straight line from East watch, they were probably going back and forth in a zigzag (rip rickon) so Gendry running at full speed back to the wall, let’s say that took about four hours.


The trip from Castle Black to Winterfell is about 600 miles (a little farther from East watch), a raven going full speed (28mph) could probably make that trip in a little over a day.

From Winterfell to King’s Landing is about a thousand miles according to Cersei in S5E6, so it would be about the same maybe a little more from Winterfell to Dragonstone. So let’s say it takes the raven four days to get to Dragonstone.


It continued:

Dragons on the other hand, I couldn’t find much info about how fast they can go. So for the sake of argument let’s say they top out with a rider at about 175 mph.

So that’s about a 12-hour flight straight to Snow Team 6. So the overall time it takes Danny to get to Jon, is about 5 days. This makes sense considering that they had to wait for the ice to freeze over the lake again.

Considering that the ice had to support a huge hoard of wights, the ice would have to be around 8 inches thick. Assuming an average temperature of 10 °F (they’re not that far north) the ice would be growing at 1.5 inches per day. This works out to 7.5 inches of ice. Guys, the math works out.

Sounds plausible to us!

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