Sony Exec Finally Addresses No Man’s Sky Controversy

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 Nov 2016 12:47
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PlayStation executive Shawn Layden has become the latest in a long line of industry insiders to weigh in on the PR shit storm that was once a game called No Man’s Sky


Speaking on the excellent Live with YouTube Gaming show (which you should definitely watch), Layden discussed the hype around Hello Games’ massive undertaking, and what the developer might do to mend fences with the fans.


He started out with some kind words for Sean Murray and Hello Games, making it clear that it was always a small team (of six) with massive ambition – but perhaps that was their downfall.

Layden went on to explain that Hello Games has heard the criticisms leveled against them and No Man’s Sky (how could they not have?), but that they are ‘still working at it – trying to get closer to what their vision was’.


He added:

I think what we learned from that is that we don’t want to stifle ambition. We don’t want to stifle creativity. We don’t want to put people into slots where they must execute against an action adventure path or a fighting path or a shooting path. Perhaps over time [No Man’s Sky] will reveal itself to be all it can be.

Layden concluded that, given the small size of the team and what they were trying to achieve, its not entirely surprising that they didn’t quite get there.

He explained:

Nobody in development wants to say that they can’t do a thing, right? No one wants to tell someone, ‘No I can’t do that for you. People are really trying. I think looking at the different industries I’ve had the privilege of working, the gaming industry is where everybody has the courage to say ‘yes.’ And they want to try to realize their ambitions. They want to try to make that vision. No one slinks away from a huge challenge. And sometimes you just don’t get all the way there at the first go

Check out the full episode of Live with YouTube Gaming below.


While there’s no doubting that you can’t blame Hello Games for not quite delivering on No Man’s Sky’s promise, there’s equally no getting round the fact that these promises should never have been made in the first place.

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