Sony List 20 PS4 “Exclusives” Heading Our Way In 2016


After 2015’s phenomenal line-up of games, this year has some pretty big boots to fill. In light of this, Sony have made it pretty clear they want 2016 to be their year with a slew of exclusives.

Uploaded to the sonyplaystation YouTube account, a new video shows off 20 titles heading to the Playstation 4 in the next 12 months. The list mixes AAA titles with a few lesser known indie titles – something Sony have prided themselves on with their current-gen console.

The guys over at GameSpot have handily split the list into two categories: those that are first-party exclusives (games only destined for the PS4) and those that are timed-exclusives (meaning they’ll be heading to other platforms in the future.)

First-Party Exclusives

– Horizon: Zero Dawn

– Uncharted 4

– The Last Guardian

– Gran Turismo Sport

– Gravity Rush 2

– Ratchet and Clank *

– The Tomorrow Children **

– Drawn to Death**

– Dreams***

Console or Timed Exclusives

– Street Fighter 5

– Firewatch

– What Remains of Edith Finch

– Shadow of the Beast

– Boundless

– Nier Automata

– Alienation

– Hellblade

– Paragon

– The Witness

– No Man’s Sky

* Developed by third-party studio Insomniac. IP owned by Sony.

** Co-developed by Sony Worldwide Studios and third-party partners.

*** Beta only.