Sony Pictures Accidentally Upload Entire Movie To YouTube Instead Of Trailer

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 04 Jul 2018 10:35
Khali the KillerKhali the KillerSony Pictures

We’ve all had that moment of panic where we think we’ve sent the wrong thing to the wrong person.


Whether it’s accidentally sending a message to the very person you’re talking about or inadvertently sending a picture to a group chat rather than the recipient it’s intended for, the brief embarrassment that follows is, if nothing else, awkward to get out of.

It’s an easy mistake to make, and for most people it’s something that – if it happens at all – happens in your private life.

When you accidentally upload the wrong thing to a public space like YouTube however, and it’s your job to upload things to YouTube for the massive company you work for, then things can get seriously embarrassing…


We’re not talking about an employee uploading anything of themselves, but still, this is a major cock-up nonetheless.

Sony Pictures accidentally uploaded an entire movie to YouTube instead of the intended trailer, reports the Independent.

What was meant to be just a two-minute trailer turned out to be the full film, Khali the Killer, with a runtime of just under an hour and a half including the full credits.

It’s hard to believe someone didn’t notice the massive difference in the running times.

Perhaps one hour 30 minutes was mistaken for one minute 30 seconds? It’s a lesson to us all really – always have a last minute glance over your work, re-read what your sending and always, always double check who you’re sending it to!

Khali the KillerKhali the KillerSony Pictures

Anyway, unlike text messages, uploading the wrong thing to YouTube can easily be rectified. That being said, it still took Sony six hours to notice the mistake, in which time the film racked up 11,000 views.

Doubters may be quick to say it’s a marketing trick, but if so, it’s a bold one, and one that’s likely to cost the studio a fair bit!


However, without the accidental upload, many people may never have heard of Khali the Killer, as it’s not exactly garnering the best reviews right now, having just 3.6 on IMDb,at the time of writing.

But, if you’re curious, check out the trailer (definitely just the trailer) here:

It’s a dark vibe, which IMDb summarises as:

After deciding to retire, an East LA hit man decides to take one last job to help support his ailing grandmother’s end of life care.

But everything falls apart, when he develops empathy for the targets of his hit, and he’s forced to make the toughest decision of his life.

The film was written and directed by Jon Matthews, and stars Richard Cabral, Ryan Dorsey, Clayton Cardenas and Corina Calderon.

Cabral, who plays the titular character, draws on his own personal experiences as he spent five years in prison for attempted murder before turning his life around through acting.

The violent crime thriller is due for release in the US, August this year, but has already been released in Germany and the Netherlands on Blu-Ray and DVD.

That’s if you didn’t catch it for free already.

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