Soulja Boy Robbed By Gang Member During Livestream


Soulja Boy has been dragged into 2017, kicking and screaming and flexing his muscles.

Only a matter of days ago, the 26-year-old rapper was embroiled in the year’s first celebrity beef on Twitter when Chris Brown called him out for liking a photo of his ex-girlfriend, the model Karrueche Tran.

While the spat caused the two rappers to flex their lyrical muscles as they fired personal shots at each other on social media, apparently the feud look ripe to escalate.

Chris Brown challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing duel, presumably for the lady’s affections, in the most archaic, backward and infantile behaviour we’ve come to expect from the disgraced superstar.

To make matters worse, Soulja Boy accepted said duel, setting mankind back about 300 years.

According to The Hook, Soulja Boy was walking around Compton later that day, livestreaming himself as he goaded an unnamed person – presumably Chris.

Unfortunately, the offer of a fight manifested sooner than expected when he ran into a group of men who proceeded to shout at the young rapper, before allegedly punching him and stealing his phone.

At the moment the livestream to Instagram ended, it was unclear whether Soulja Boy was indeed robbed.

If the phone was stolen, at least Instagram – and the world wide web – has a nice, clear shot of the alleged assailant.

The rapper audibly shouts, ‘Hey, that’s my phone’, so fingers crossed his property was returned to him promptly.

The rapper has since responded to the media attention caused by his livestream, saying ‘SHIT happen in the hood everyday, I would have knocked blood out’.

You tell ’em, Soulja Boy.