South Asians Respond To Azealia Banks’ Racial Slur With Awesome Hashtag


A number of South Asian women have hit back at Azealia Banks after her string of racist tweets last week.

As well as referring to him as a ‘Punjab’ and a ‘sand n****’,  she called him a ‘curry scented bitch’. But, in response to the rapper’s awful remarks, South Asian women are now turning the slur on its head, reports Dazed.

A number of women have been using #curryscentedbitch to share photos on social media, with model Tris Dhaliwal tweeting:

Alongside a set of similar pictures, singer Bambi tweeted: “Oops @AZEALIABANKS another proud #curryscentedbitch right here.”

While @coconutxqueen went with: “#curryscentedbitch and harry’s lovin it.”

The hashtag has also been trending on  Instagram:

Wont you look at that. #curryscentedbitch ??

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀R U M A | B E G U M (@rumastyles) on

Patakka Guddi ?? #curryscentedbitch

A photo posted by Asees Kaur (@asees_khera) on

Although Banks has now apologised for her remarks, Rinse FM have cancelled her headline appearance at Born & Bred, and she is under investigation by the Home Office and could still be banned from the UK.

Could be a case of too little, too late…