South Park Premiere Triggered Everyone’s Amazon Devices Causing Mayhem

@Southpark / Twitter

South Park returned last night with a season premiere which reportedly messed with viewers’ Google Home and Amazon Echo devices.

The cartoon parodied the increased popularity of smart speaker devices, which allow users to essentially talk to technology in order to set alarms, add items to shopping lists and general life admin.

And it seems the show’s writers had a bit of fun with it, because there is no way this was unintentional.

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Twitter users reported the South Park characters’ voices were setting off their devices as they watched the show last night.

Some people said they had peaches added to their grocery list and had alarms set.

There are loads of messages and videos on social media, here’s a few for now:

South Park parodied Kendrick Lamar’s recent hit single Humble which was turned into a country tune by character Jim Bob, who was playing the role of a real-life Amazon Echo.

Welcome back, South Park.