South Park Tackle Caitlyn Jenner In Most ‘Stunning And Brave’ Episode Ever


Good news for all – the new series of South Park is set to return for its 19th season tomorrow night.

And the opening episode looks to be about Caitlyn Jenner.

Comedy Central’s press release is slightly cryptic, saying: ‘The boys express respect for Caitlyn Jenner’, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The release continues:

There is a new principal at the helm of South Park Elementary. He forces the boys to confront the damage they’ve done through their history of racism and unconscious bias. It is the most stunning and brave South Park ever.

caitlyn-jenner-espys-fashion-01 EE

The episode is called ‘Stunning and Brave’, which could be a reference to Kris Jenner’s quote about Caitlyn accepting the Ashe Courage Award, when Caitlyn’s ex-wife called her speech ‘amazing and very brave’.

Here’s the trailer for the episode:

And the series:

Whatever the episode’s about, I can’t wait.