Southern Rail Boss Doubles His Income To Almost £500,000


Ah Southern Rail. In a country famed for its shitty rail services you actually are the top dog. The worst in a nation of subordinate train companies.

Just this morning my Northern Rail train was ten minutes delayed – meaning that I was ten minutes late – and that’s just the blissful norm nowadays for hundreds of thousands of commuters from across the width and breadth of the UK.

It’s not like the price of tickets costs me the bulk of my wages or anything.


But you know what – Northern is nothing compared to Southern Rail. No, Southern Rail is literally the definitive epi-centre of shit rail.

Endless delays, cancellations, strikes, and sheer chaos on the lines – but hey ho, it’s not all bad. Southern Rail CEO Charles Horton just about doubled his pay, according to The Independent. What a guy.

Yes, as innumerable people like me and you struggled to find a way to and from work, as innumerable rail staff picked up miniscule wages month after month while others were simply dismissed, Charles Horton saw his annual pay go from £263,000 in 2015 to £478,000 in 2016.


The firm accounts also show how Mr Horton took home £17,000 from an old Southern rail entity, Southern Railway Limited. It’s high noon in the Horton house.

When asked about the payrise, a spokesperson revealed that they ‘do not discuss the remuneration of any of our employees’. They added that delays and cancellations are out of their control.