Spearfisher Forced To Shoot Shark Off Coast Of Queensland


Footage has emerged of one man shooting and killing a bronze whale shark, after it came too close to him in the ocean.

The incident took place in Australia, with two guys watching the sharks swim back and forth underneath them, when they realise that they could be in danger.

They try and get back to their boat, but don’t have enough time.

The guys, who have spearfish gear on, can be heard saying they want to turn the boat around, and audibly panicking.

Footage shows the shark already swimming towards the man, who reacts instinctively, and shoots the creature.

The shark then drops to the bottom of the ocean, with the visibly shocked guys saying ‘f*cking hell’.

The sharks are rarely seen in Queensland, usually inhabiting the southern half of Australia, and are known for their aggressive nature, with many attacks on people documented.

Obviously shooting the bronze whale is far from ideal, and it begs the question if the guys should have been messing around in the ocean so close to the sharks at all.