Speed Trap Police Forced To Pay A Fine, Karma Is Sweet

Wessex News Agency

It is always sweet when someone holier than thou loses the moral high ground, and that is exactly what happened to these speed trap police in Gloucestershire.

The officers were set and ready to snap the details of any motorist who was exceeding the speed limit in Longlevens – just one problem, they were breaking the law themselves.

Most drivers would be more concerned with making sure they passed at the appropriate speed, but not Jamie Britton. No, instead he got his passenger to turn a camera on the coppers, capturing a very clear image of them blocking the footpath with their van.

Jamie reported the parking as so bad it caused mothers and children to risk stepping into the busy road to continue on their pedestrian route.

He said:

I couldn’t believe it, there was no way you could get past it. They are there to improve road safety, not to make it worse.”

Team manager of Gloucestershire Police’s camera enforcement unit, Robert Vestey, has issued an official reply to the incident.

He said:

We have been made aware of the photograph showing a van parked across a pavement and cycle lane. “We do not condone such actions and we hope that the fixed penalty notice and management advice shows that this has been taken seriously.

A member of the police workforce is not exempt from following road and parking rules, which is why the individual has been treated as any member of the public would be.

I should hope so too. Given the often underhanded tactics employed by police in order to bust motorists, the sense of karma is sweet.