Speedrunner Obliterates Dark Souls 3 In Just Over An Hour


Lots of people still haven’t finished Dark Souls 3. That’s fine. There are also those who beat it after around 40 hours and consider it a genuine achievement. That’s also fine.

Then there’s speedrunner Distortion2, who did it in just over an hour and made us all look shit.

Granted, once you know what demons lurk round certain corners, a Dark Souls game becomes slightly easier – but it’s still a hard as balls game – those demons will fuck you whether or not you know they’re there, so watching Distortion2 sprint through the game is a sight to behold.

Our hero’s current time stands at one hour, 11 minutes, and 43 seconds, though he seems to be shaving off seconds with every run. Oh that’s right – he’s far from done.

What’s his endgame? Finish Dark Souls 3 in under an hour? In under a minute? Go back in time and finish Dark Souls 3 before the first Dark Souls was even announced?