Spiders That Bring Four-Hour Erection Then Death Found In Asda Bananas


Check your fruit basket – a family has been forced to flee their home after finding dozens of the world’s deadliest spiders crawling out of a bunch of ASDA bananas.

Mum-of-two Sophie Newcombe was unpacking her groceries when she spotted a white nest attached to the side of a banana. As she dropped it, the nest exploded and the spiders escaped in all directions.

The venomous spiders, identified as Brazilian wandering spiders according to the Mirror, have a bite that cause long and painful erections in males, followed by death, within a matter of hours.

And this wasn’t the first find of a spider nest on bananas from a UK supermarket:

Sophie’s husband, Ashley, told The Sun it was ‘something out of a horror movie’:

The nest was around the size of a 20p piece, and they were just falling out of it onto the floor.

I grabbed the hoover and tried to suck up as many as I could, but they were running off everywhere. My partner was absolutely petrified.

Understandably, the couple from Leicester decided to pack up their things and get out of the house. And they’re now calling on Asda to fumigate their home so they can move back.


A spokesman for Asda apologised for the incident and said the incident was ‘extremely rare’:

All our bananas are washed and sprayed before they are transported to the UK and every single piece of fruit is manually checked for quality and stowaways.

We sell one billion bananas every year and the chance of finding a spider is incredibly low, but very occasionally one hangs around to give us a fright.

We are sorry for any upset this has caused and are keeping Mr Gamble updated throughout our investigation.

However, the couple have said that when they first complained, the supermarket only offered a refund for the bananas – which, Ashley says, ‘only added insult to injury’.

If you’ve recently bought bananas from Asda (like I have), it may be wise to give them a little check-over. While actually coming across these spiders is extremely rare, you wouldn’t want to have them in your house.