Sri Lankan Man Gets Arrested For Smuggling Gold Inside His Arse

by : UNILAD on : 23 Dec 2015 00:44

A man has been arrested by Sri Lankan authorities after allegedly trying to smuggle a large quantity of gold inside his rectum.


The BBC has reported that 400g of the precious metal was stowed inside the man’s arse as he attempted to smuggle it through Bandaranaike International Airport.

A spokesperson for the airport said the 42-year-old was spotted by officials when he was seen “walking suspiciously”. Shock horror.

The gold had a value of two million Sri Lankan rupees (Around £9,350), and the discovery is not the first of its kind in recent times.


The smuggling of gold is an ongoing issue in Sri Lanka, with more than 70 arrests reported this year.

Allegedly smugglers are heading to places like Dubai and Singapore where gold can be bought cheap, before taking it to India where it can be sold at a profit.

Surely 400g would have been enough to set off the metal detectors anyway?

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    Sri Lanka man arrested 'for smuggling gold in rectum'