SSC Tuatara Shatters Production Vehicle Land-Speed Record By Hitting 282.9mph

by : Daniel Richardson on : 27 Jan 2021 17:34
SSC Tuatara Shatters Production Vehicle Land-Speed Record By Hitting 282.9mphTuatara/Driven Plus/YouTube

The land-speed record for a production vehicle has been set by the SCC Tuatara, after it beat the 2017 record set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which achieved 277.9mph in 2017.. 

On January 17, at the Jonny Bohnmer Grounds at Space Florida’s LLF, Kennedy Space Center, the SCC Tuatara shattered the record. The slightly-tweaked car was driven by its owner, Dr Larry Caplin, as it reached 282.9mph over 2.3 miles.


Check out the video below, which shows how the car and team managed the achievement:

The designer of the hypercar, Jason Castriota, detailed what drove the company to develop a vehicle that could reach speeds that would be illegal in most countries:

This is a space race, you know, we’re not the only ones competing in this space. You know you have Koenigsegg, you have Bugatti. We’re committed to ensuring this car is fully developed and the fastest in the world.


When headed northbound on the straight track, at 2.38pm, the vehicle – which is fitted with a 5.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine – managed to reach 279.7mph. On the return trip southbound, at 3.28pm, the Tuatara hit 286.1mph. The speed is then averaged, and as a result, the Tuatara smashed the competition with its 282.9mph overall speed.

TUATARADriven Plus/YouTube

To ensure a correct reading, the SSC Tuatara was fitted with multiple satellite tracking systems including two Garmin systems, a Life Racing tracking system and two Racelogic VBox systems. There were also personnel at the event to oversee the record. Jim Lau, technical director for Racelogic North America, witnessed the record and approved the tracking systems’ data.

This incredible achievement has taken a great deal of work from the team behind the Tuatara. There had been previous attempts to break the world record in December and October last year. To overcome the downfalls of the car, the team changed the gear ratio from 2.92 to 3.167 to get the car to reach its breathtaking speed in just 2.3 miles.


The milestone will be celebrated, but there could be new competition for the production vehicle land-speed record as Hennessey has unveiled the Venom F5, which may be able to surpass the record. Nonetheless, at the moment the SCC Tuatara will be on the top of the wish list for speed lovers with large pockets.

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