Stabbing Victim Named Identical Twin Sister As Killer While She Bled To Death

by : Julia Banim on : 28 Jun 2019 18:25
Stabbing Victim Named Identical Twin Sister As Killer While She Bled To DeathStabbing Victim Named Identical Twin Sister As Killer While She Bled To DeathPA/Anna Ramirez/Facebook

A woman who died after being stabbed in the chest managed to identify her own twin sister as her alleged killer before she bled to death.


27-year-old Anna Ramirez, from New Jersey, was discovered by officers outside an apartment building in Camden at approximately 5:38am on June 22, 2019. She was found lying on the ground, having suffered knife wounds to her chest.

Anna was taken to Cooper University Hospital, where she was pronounced deceased at 6:19am the same day. A witness claims to have heard Anna naming her identical twin sister, Amanda, as her killer.

PA/Anna Ramirez/Facebook

As reported by The New York Times, the unnamed witness heard Anna screaming the words ‘Amanda, you stabbed me!’ as she lay dying.


This same witness has claimed to have heard Ramirez threatening her sister, telling Anna ‘Watch what I’m going to do’. The witness, who lives on the upper floor of the same apartment building, reportedly heard Ramirez making the threat from a window.

According to the witness, Ramirez then went back inside her apartment and retrieved a large kitchen knife. She then went downstairs to investigate the warning and found Anna had been stabbed.

This witness testimony was read during a bail hearing for Ramirez, who reportedly shook and wept during the majority of the proceedings.


After responding to a report of an unconscious woman on the street, police found Anna injured and Ramirez covered in blood.

Ramirez initially told officers she had no idea what had happened to her sister and claimed she had found her that way. She then proceeded to change her story multiple times.

When asked about scratches on her face and lacerations to her hand, Ramirez admitted she and Anna had exchanged blows.

However, she said Anna had initiated the altercation, and claimed Anna had been the one to grab a knife. Ramirez claimed she stabbed Anna during a struggle to gain possession of the weapon.


On Monday, June 24, prosecutors charged Amanda Ramirez with first-degree aggravated manslaughter. She is currently being held at the Camden County Correctional Facility, awaiting a pretrial detention hearing at Superior Court in Camden.

The sisters’ aunt, Blanca Class, told The New York Times how the twins, who were usually known to be close, had been arguing about a boyfriend at the time of the altercation:

They went to a party, they came home, they were drinking, they were arguing about a boyfriend.

She just went on a crazy trip, stabbed her and killed her.

It’s heartbreaking, I couldn’t believe it, it was like something you would see in the movies. You couldn’t believe she would do that to her own sister.

The investigation into the death of Anna Ramirez is ongoing.

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