Staff Member Of Barack Obama Reveals What His Genius Masterplan Is


As I’m sure you all heard yesterday – Donald Trump took to Twitter, as always, to offer up some utterly bizarre claims that Barack Obama had tapped his phones in the lead up to the election.

As with many things Donald, the President offered absolutely no evidence, despite his constant roaring of FAKE NEWS, but insisted that it was essentially Watergate all over again, according to indy100.

Now I’m not saying Barack Obama was as squeaky clean as his cool as fuck persona suggests – however tapping into Donald Trump’s phones just seems quite, well, unrealistic.

I mean Trump did get elected so what the hell was Obama’s plan.

Enter Jon Favreau, a former speech writer for Barack Obama, who thinks he has the answer.

Behold – the masterplan. 

Favreau tweeted:

1. Wiretap the opposition

2. Gather damaging info

3. Say nothing

4. Let him win

5. Ride off into the sunset

US Federal Government

Hopefully big Joe’s with him too!