Star Citizen Could Be The Game No Man’s Sky Should’ve Been



With No Man’s Sky bringing us so close to the concept of exploring deep space but not quite delivering, many gamers are hoping something else can swoop in and fulfil all the promises made by Sean Murray and Hello Games. 

That game could well be Star Citizen – the long-gestating sci-fi game set in a massively multiplayer universe that mixes space combat, mining, exploration, and trading, all within a procedurally generated universe.


I know this sounds all-too familiar, and I know we’ve all been burned before (and very recently), but at least a few of you should know that the team behind Star Citizen have been hard at work on the game for years.

Slowly and carefully, they’ve been rolling out alphas that let backers test very specific aspects of the game, such as space combat and flight.

See, rather than throw us into an open universe with absolutely nothing in it, Star Citizen is all about refining what there is, before expanding into the unknown.

While the drip-feed approach can be a touch frustrating, we were just treated to a ton of new info and footage at the annual CitizenCon event, and there’s much to chew over.

There are two videos, both of which are mostly focused on the procedural planet-making abilities and handcrafted missions which, will be supplemented with ‘algorithmic’ content.

There’s also a healthy dose of flying, and a wonderful demonstration of how easily you can warp to far off planets.

During the demo, game leader Chris Roberts explained that we can expect a fair amount of alpha content to come over the next year, including trading, mining, and piracy.

It all sounds fucking great – but then, so did No Man’s Sky. Let’s proceed with caution for now.