Star Citizen Looks Absolutely Astonishing In New Gameplay Demo



Attendees at Star Citizen‘s live Gamescom demo were treated to almost an hour of jolly space cooperation, presumably as they all soiled themselves at the sheer beauty of the thing.

The footage below shows a planetary landing conducted by two players, who take off from a station in the depths of space, and travel through hyperspace towards their target. After reaching the planet, they proceed to enter it’s atmosphere at around the 9 minute mark, and touchdown. All without a load screen in sight. Check it out below.

After the players make their way to the shadowy free-town of Levski, we get to see what trading, chatting to NPC’s and exploration looks like. It’s also worth remembering that all of this is completely multiplayer. Goosebumps.

The demo show’s off the game’s upcoming 3.0 release planned for later this year, and builds upon the already solid structure from the 2.5 update, adding in more personality to the cold, dark grips of space.


If you want to find out more about Star Citizen or to pick it up for yourself, head over to the game’s website here, where it’s currently available for Windows PC and Linux.