Star Wars Battlefront’s New Mode Might Actually Bring Players Back

by : Ewan Moore on : 18 Aug 2016 09:40

EA has announced a brand new mode for DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront, and it actually sounds pretty interesting. 


Battle Station is being added into the sci-fi shooter next month as part of the Death Star expansion, and sees players duke it out in space over three phases of battle.


The first phase sees Rebel players in X-wings and A-wings going at it against Imperial TIE fighters interceptors in space battles. Rebels must destroy enough TIE fighters to allow Y-wing support ships to come through and weaken the Star Destroyer’s defenses.

As with various other modes in Battlefront, during this phase Rebels will then be granted a period of time where they are able to open fire on the Star Destroyer and do some damage.


If the Rebels are successful, the fight moves onto the Death Star itself, and into boots on the ground combat. Here, Rebels are required to extract a droid (while fighting against Imperials, naturally).


In the third stage, we return to space as the Rebels are given the unenviable task of blowing up the Death Star – players can even become Luke Skywalker and fly his Red-5 X-wing, living out our A New Hope fantasies in the process.

Over on the Dark Side meanwhile, Darth Vader joins the fray in his TIE Advanced ship – it sounds like a space blast to be honest.

Battle Station mode is a small slice of Battlefront’s Death Star expansion. The content also comes with new maps, Chewbacca as a playable hero, Star Cards, and more weapons. All of that launches in September.

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