Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Given Epic ‘Modern Trailer’


You probably remember how excited you were when you saw the first trailer for the recently released seventh Star Wars movie The Force Awakens.

It was a brilliant piece of work, given that it not only got us super hyped for the return of the franchise, but it also managed to give away nothing about the plot and that most hated of all things – spoilers.

However, back in the day, movie trailers were a very different beast, indeed – hastily thrown together montages, darting from one action scene to the next, with a very gruff voice narrating over the top.

Well, thanks to creative YouTuber Tom F, you can now watch an updated and modernised version of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – probably still the best of all the Star Wars films.

Let’s just say, it’s a bit more artistically done than the 1979 original – full of long, creative shots of the characters, without revealing any plot points, especially not that massive twist near the end of the film. You know the one.

This fan-made version is clearly inspired by The Force Awakens trailer, even incorporating that slow piano music, and the difference between the style of modern trailers and those from three decades ago, is only made even more abundantly clear when you check out the original:

After watching this, we definitely have to go and watch Empire… again. We just hope Star Wars 8 is as awesome a sequel as this one was!