Starbucks Cause Outrage With All Red Christmas Cups


The adverts have started on tv, high street stores have their displays ready, and coffee shops have introduced their festive menus and cups.

Starbucks have caused a bit of stir with their approach to the holiday period, namely their choice to tone down the design of their cups.

This season the cups will be two shades of block red, with no ‘traditional’ Christmas motif such as snowflakes or ice skates, as previous years have included.

Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks vice president of Design & Content has said of the design:

We have anchored the design with the classic Starbucks holiday red that is bright and exciting. The ombré creates a distinctive dimension, fluidity and weightedness.”

This choice has not gone down well with some Christian pockets of society who have taken to social media to vent their fury.

Some people were capable of seeing the bigger picture and pointed out a few hypocrisies too .

Of all the reasons to be outraged by a globally operating coffee franchise I did not have religious neutral festive cups on the list.