Stellar Reporting From Channel 4 As Nervy Parisians Flee Live Scene

Channel 4 News/Facebook

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, that have so far claimed the lives of 132 civilians, the city is understandably on edge, but Channel 4’s Matt Frei has drawn praise for his composure during a scare in the Place de la Republique.

During a live report in which Frei is speaking of a mass gathering in the square to pay respect to victims, and demonstrate solidarity against terror, a horde of citizens start to flee in panic.

The nervous citizens are pointed out to Frei by a cameraman, and the journalist has a split second where he assesses the situation before continuing with his report.

Here is the report in full.

The whole crew deserves credit for not giving into the hysteria that terrorists will no doubt have hoped to create.

Below is a clip from the BBC showing men and women who gathered in the Place de la Republique scattering after allegedly hearing a gunshot.

Thankfully the scene was caused by a false alarm, and the strength of human spirit mentioned in Frei’s report can emerge once more.