Stephen Fry Teaches Tourists About British Etiquette In Hilarious Video

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Jan 2016 14:24
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Stephen Fry has appeared in a charming advert welcoming travellers to the UK, and more importantly laying down the important ground rules of queueing.  


The advert released by Heathrow gives visitors arriving in the country a valuable lesson in the intricacies of British etiquette, and will hopefully prevent tourists from making an embarrassing gaffe like disagreeing with someone over whether it’s “mild outside” – because, for the record it always is.

The hilarious video pokes fun at all the things we Brits are infamous for including our strange love of queueing, our constant small talk about the weather and, of course, our bizarre ritual of cheering when someone drops a glass in a pub. Does anyone really know why we do that?


The ever-lovable Fry typically wears tweed, an incredibly vibrant tie and is the perfectly posh ambassador to welcome visitors to the shores of good old Blighty. 


The advert is hilariously self-deprecating and seems quintessentially British, urging visitors to have a good time and not to stress over the rules.

However, visitors probably should actually pay attention to Stephen’s advice about queuing, we can take it a bit too seriously, after all.

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