Steve Carell Reveals How He Created Voice Of ‘Despicable Me’ Anti-Hero ‘Gru’

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Comedy legend Steve Carell  has explained how he came up with iconic voice of Despicable Me villain turned anti-hero Gru.

On The Graham Norton Show Carell revealed the process he undergoes to become Gru which involves; a several day sojourn to some of America’s most secure prison facilities, meditation and a James Bond Marathon.

Just kidding he just uses the voices which make his kids laugh, Daniel Day Lewis would be proud.

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The actor explained: 

My children are responsible for Felonious Gru’s voice. I tried about a few on my kids and that was the one that made them laugh. I just listen to the voices in my head!

Carell was joined by Despicable Me 3 co-star Kristen Wiig who praised the filmmakers saying they were ‘unbelievably good’ adding that she felt very lucky to be part of the Despicable Me world.


Despicable Me 3 will see Gru reunited with his long lost brother Dru (Also played by Carell) who attempts to coax our beloved former-villain back to the family legacy, namely the bad guy business.

Gru and the minions returns to cinemas in the U.S. and UK cinemas on Friday, June 30.

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