Steve-O Flies To Peru To Find And Adopt A Street Dog


We often assume celebrities are a jaded bunch who lack the empathy and relatability for their fellow man once they reach the upper echelons of fame.

While in some cases that may be true, more often than not they’re just like you and me. But just like any of us they laugh, cry, feel pain and joy. Newsflash: like us they have the capacity to love and appreciate even the simplest things.

Former Jackass star Steve-O is a great example, he’s has gone from a life of enduring pain for entertainment’s sake – like sticking toy cars up his arse – to living a well-balanced and inspirational life, and in his latest venture he’s come across the best friend he could possibly ever have.

While filming his new YouTube show Ultimate Expedition Steve-O hit the streets of Peru to look for a canine companion to take with to hike a gigantic mountain in Peru – which he says looks like a giant boob.

During an outing on the Peruvian streets he came across a dog which he named Wendy, and the two immediately hit it off during the day. He came across her again after going out for a meal the following evening, she even brought her canine friends to meet the former daredevil.

It was in that moment a bond was formed that couldn’t be broken and the two pretty much became buddies for life. Steve-O snuck her back into her hotel, gave her a much-needed wash and slept beside her in a tent outside his hotel.


It was clear the two were going to inseparable, it led to Steve-O officially adopting Wendy and making her a service dog, which means he gets to take her travelling. He took her to a vet where she was vaccinated, de-fleaed and wormed.

It’s clear from the video that Steve-O is very much in love with his newfound friend, just look at the joy on his face.

If you ever needed proof there’s still good in the world Steve-O’s video is all the evidence you need.


Thanks dude.

You can check out the first episode of his Ultimate Expedition here.