Steve-O Records His Own Crane Climb Protest Before Being Arrested

by : UNILAD on : 10 Aug 2015 12:23


Jackass legend Steve-O is making headlines today after another controversial stunt saw him end up in handcuffs.


The now 41-year-old decided to climb all 100-feet of a crane in the middle of Hollywood on Sunday evening all in the name of protest.

The ‘SeaWorld sucks’ live stunt, that he broadcasted on Snapchat, saw Steve taunt police as they helplessly watched him scale the crane.

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Aware of the trouble he could get into, he teased his fans the day before, claiming that a “big stunt” was going down in LA “that will get me in a lot of trouble.”


But never one to shy away from controversy, or danger, the former Jackass star kept his word – and carrying an inflatable killer whale called Shammy, climbed 100-feet above his beloved city.

According to NBC Los Angeles, he was arrested after firefighters and police rushed to the scene and set up a cushion in case he fell, however, it’s not clear whether he left the crane on his own accord.



Initial reports say that he could face charges including conspiracy to commit a crime, trespassing, setting off explosives (fireworks) within city limits without a permit and filming for personal gain without a permit.

Was it worth it for him? Probably.

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