Steven Avery’s Lawyers Say He Will Be ‘Free In Months’


The twists and turns in the Making A Murderer tale are coming thick and fast at the moment.

In a massive plot twist, it was revealed earlier this week that the bones found in Steven Avery’s burn pit may not even have belonged to Teresa Halbach.

Now, his lawyers have said they expect him to be completely exonerated of the murder in a matter of months – without another trial.


Curtis Besse is the man behind the ‘Steven Avery Project’ and has been working with the Avery family to get reliable information to the press and public.

He recently gave an interview outlining how Avery’s lawyers are progressing with the case.

He said: 

We’re not even looking for a new trial, we’re actually looking for an exoneration.

[Katherine] Zellner’s very confident and Steven is also very confident that it’s not going to take that much time – we’re talking months here.

He goes on to say that Avery’s new lawyer – Katherine Zellner – is going the extra mile and looking at DNA evidence, phone records and alibis that weren’t considered during the first trial.


He added:

They’re going to show that the blood in the Rav4 and the age of the blood don’t match up.

Steven wants to spend a little time in Wisconsin just to be with his family and to try and celebrate the exoneration.

But then he plans to move out of Wisconsin because why would you want put yourself around that any longer?


You really can’t blame him can you? If he does get exonerated a second time he would be wise to get as far away from Manitowoc County as he can rather than waiting around for the authorities to try and pin something else on him.

I’m pretty convinced this story has a few more twists in it before we’re done.