Steven Avery’s Mum Makes Shocking New Claim About ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim

Daily Mail/Netflix

Netflix’s new smash-hit documentary Making A Murderer has certainly captured the imagination of the public, with many viewers turning into online sleuths as they come up with theories for why Steven Avery might actually be innocent.


However, it’s Steven Avery’s own mother who may have just given us the wildest conspiracy theory about the show’s central murder trial.

In a recent interview on WAAF Radio, Dolores Avery sensationally claimed her son is innocent because Teresa Halbach is still alive.


Steven Avery was imprisoned after being found guilty of Halbach’s murder, but his 78-year-old mother believes he was the victim of a police conspiracy, adding that Halbach herself might even be in on the corruption.

As reported by TMZ, when asked on the radio show who was really responsible for the murder of Halbach, she said:

I don’t know, but I wish the person could come forward. I don’t think she’s even dead. How do you know if them were her bones?

She then went on to claim that someone could have ‘planted’ the bones on the property, adding that the car key was also ‘planted’ in Avery’s residence by officers (that last point, of course, also being a popular theory put forward by many viewers of the documentary).

She didn’t, however, put forward a theory for why Halbach would have gone into hiding in order to frame Steven for the murder.


Not everyone agrees that Avery is innocent – Jodi Stachowski, his ex-fiancée, recently opened up in an interview on HNL, claiming she was scared of Avery, because he was a ‘monster’ who frequently beat her when he became angry.

As more and more information emerges about what was left out of the documentary, it seems that viewers will continue to theorise what actually happened on that fateful day in October 2005.