Stoned Climbers Get So High At Top Of Mountain They Have To Be Rescued

Wikimedia Commons

Four climbers had to be rescued yesterday after a few celebratory spliffs rendered them unable to clamber back down from the top of a mountain.

And not just any mountain. The climbers had managed to get to the very top of the Lake District’s infamous Scarfell Pike which, at a formidable 3,209ft, is known to be the highest mountain in England.

However, the climbers brought a new meaning to the word ‘high’. Taking in the spectacular views, the unlucky hiking party decided to blaze up and quickly became too ‘incapacitated’ to begin the descent.

They were forced to call the police who had to dispatch mountain rescue, air support and ambulance crews in what was a complex three-hour rescue operation.

Understandably, police officers were annoyed about the avoidable risk mountain rescue volunteers were forced to take, and have spoken out about the dangers for those who ‘underestimate the mountain’.

Speaking with The Telegraph, North Cumbria Superintendent Justin Bibby gave the following warning:

Mountain safety is your responsibility, bring the right equipment and food, and know how to use it. Our priority is your safety.

The mountain rescue team had a particularly busy day yesterday dealing with this incident.

They are volunteers, they do an amazing job and are always there to assist those who get into difficulty.

Taking alcohol or any other substance that could impair your judgement significantly increases your risk of getting into trouble. It has no place on a mountain.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the mountain rescue volunteers, the climbers were brought back down to safety from their high. However, things could have easily turned out very differently…