Stop Doing The #DontJudgeChallenge You Narcissistic Twats

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jul 2015 16:32


Is this the most stupid challenge to hit the internet yet?


Thanks to social media, society has become plagued by a plethora of uninspiring and often stupid viral “challenges”. More often than not, if we look beneath the cheap veil of harmless fun and charitable giving, we can see a strong sentiment of shameless ego boosting emanating through these videos.

However, there is no other challenge to date that has been so blatantly self-absorbed than the #DontJudgeChallenge.

To take part in this shameless celebration of vanity, you must record yourself with a sad expression after decorating your face with a monobrow, some fake spots and messed up hair. Then, after a not-so-clever hand transition, record yourself without said decorations and pout at the camera like a deluded idiot.

Part of me feels sorry for these unbelievably cringey people who must be lacking a standard issue brain filter, because if they had one, they’d come to the stark conclusion that this is probably one of the most facepalm trends to hit the net, ever.



Not only is this challenge a clear nod to the damaging superficial nature of the world, but it also works to alienate people for their appearance and reinforces the notion of what looks good and what looks bad.

Instead of helping to promote the old virtue of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the challenge actually does the opposite, and puts a huge emphasis on looks, totally disregarding the potential for merit that someone who is not “good-looking” has.

Please don’t contribute to the continuous contamination of the human gene-pool by taking part in this moronic charade, think a little before you embarrass yourself.

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