Global Outrage As Story Of Bull Who Killed Matador Reaches New Low


Animal protesters have launched a campaign to stop the slaughter of the mother of the bull which killed Spanish matador Victor Barrio.

The 29-year-old died fighting in Turuel when the bull speared him through the chest in front of hundreds of spectators, including his wife.

He became the first bullfighter to be killed during an event this century.


As per tradition, the mother of the bull which killed him is destined to be destroyed to ‘kill off the bloodline’.

But anti animal cruelty supporters say the animal should not have to pay for the matador’s death and are calling to stop the slaughter and the sport altogether.

Under the hashtag #SalvemosALorenza (Save Lorenza), the move is being supported by thousands across the world and has become a trending topic in Spain.

Animal party PACMA tweeted: “Kill the animals, the people and sentence to death the cows which breed the bulls. Spanish bullfighting equals thirst for blood,” the Mirror reports.

While the fate of the bull’s mother is not clear, one Spanish newspaper is reporting that Lorenza is already dead – not killed, but having died of old age just a few days ago.

Regardless of whether or not the mother is dead, the incident and the intent to kill her has sparked global outrage and a unified call for the sport to be stopped.


PACMA said:

We reject the traditions based on violence, revenge and blood.

The mother of Lorenzo, the bull they call the murderer, is being sent to slaughter to end the race.

No ritual, custom or tradition based on the succession of deaths, fed by blood or hatred, can be healthy for any society. We know only one ethical end to all this: the total abolition of all bullfights.

The question remains, is it culture? Or is it just brutality?