Stranger Perfectly Channels The Spirit Of Father Christmas With Heartwarming Gift

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There’s no denying it’s that time of year again – yes that’s right, with Christmas lurking just around the corner it’s nice to see some festive cheer – even in November… 


When a young mum popped into ASDA for her weekly shop, she almost certainly didn’t expect to come face-to-face with a real life Santa Claus.


Abigail Crewe was out shopping with her baby and her sister when she bumped into none other than Father Christmas himself! I’m not being crazy here, he even had a white beard, he’s legit.

In a tale which would melt anyone’s heart, the generous stranger bought Abigail’s little daughter a Minnie Mouse soft toy – and the truly tear-jerking bit – he did it because his wife had died and with no family, he had no-one else to buy a gift for.

14590520_1161594167241080_3649420200651620798_n-114590520_1161594167241080_3649420200651620798_n-1FacebookAbigail Crewe

The kindhearted soul made a fuss of her little girl, before offering her money and insisting he bought her something. To make the story all the more heart-wrenching, he explained that his wife had died 18 months ago and adored Mickey Mouse.

Abigail – clearly heartbroken for the old man – let him buy the toy and was so touched by his kindness, she took to Facebook to spread the love, attracting over 180 thousand likes.

She exclaimed:

My heart is well and truly full of love today. This man made my day and it will be a Christmas story I will tell to my little girl every year when she asks what Christmas is all about. What an amazing man.


What a beautiful story and like it or loath it, it’s nice to see that the true spirit of Christmas and indeed Santa himself, is very much among us.

I told you he was real…

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