Stranger Thing’s Barb Gets Hilarious Revenge On Kids From The Show

by : UNILAD on : 01 Sep 2016 09:18

Warning: Obvious spoilers for Stranger Things


For everything that went on in Stranger Things, the show ended on a pretty high note.

They found the Upside Down and Will, the Demogorgon was obliterated, Eleven was probably not killed, and not too many main characters died – well, except for Barb.

Justice for Barb seems to be an issue that is lingering over the end of season one of Stranger Things. She was a strong-willed character and people are wondering if she’ll get the return she deserves.


So to make everyone’s wishes come true, Jimmy Fallon and the kids from Stranger Things gave Barb the moment she deserved at the end of the show.

They brought Barb back and she is not happy.

The three-and-a-half minute ‘exclusive deleted scene’ sees fan-favorite Barb (unfortunately not actually played by Barb, but by Tonight Show writer A.D. Miles) return from the Upside Down to confront the show’s younger actors about leaving her there to die – and she’s pretty damn pissed in between puking up slugs.


When Barb’s asked if the return of her character means she’ll be appearing in season two, she says: “No, because Barb is getting her own Netflix spinoff, Orange is the New Bitch.” Which, if you ask me, sounds like a kick ass show.

Makes you wish it was the real Barb getting nasty and gloating about her new show though. But with the confirmation that Stranger Things is coming back for a second season, there’s still hope.

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