Stray Dog Makes Epic Journey Every Day To See Mates, Becomes Town Ambassador

Bruno DogKARE11

Bruno the dog walks four miles every day to hang out with his mates across town in Longville, Minnesota.

Man’s best friend has put our lazy ways to shame in this touching story of friendship that knows no boundaries. For Bruno the stray dog, there is no distance too far for some TLC and good food.

Bruno was found 12 years ago on the doorstep of Longville residents Debbie and Larry Lavellee when he was just a pup, reports KARE 11 News.

Every single day since, the wandering canine makes the same journey along State Highway 84 to the neighbouring town, where he roams from business to business to see his friends.

To fuel his long hike between City Hall and the One-Stop by way of the local estate agents, local residents offer Bruno treats fit for a king of the road.

One resident said:

I just moved up here but he was one of the first things I heard of ‘cos had to stop my car for him to cross the street. He’s just the town dog!


Apparently, Bruno the dog has ‘more friends than a newly announced lottery winner’.

No wonder he was made the town Ambassador – he makes more effort with the residents than I do with my own mother.