Stubborn Great Grandad Won’t Leave House Unless Council Pay Him £1 Million

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A stubborn Yorkshireman has held his ground, literally, since 1999 against Rotherham council who are trying to get him to move out.

Rotherham council have been in a battle against Arthur Newey for 18 years, and the rest of the houses on his terrace have been demolished.

Newey now lives in a detached house that used to sit at the end of a line of terrace homes, saying it will take a pay out of £1 million from the ‘rotten pigs’ to get him to move.

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Newey, who has never left Rotherham, said to the Daily Mail:

I told them I want £500,000 for the house and £500,000 compensation for what they have done to me.

If they promise to pay me £1 million I might consider it.

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The council attempted a compulsory purchase in 1999 when they offered £32,000, but Newey appealed to deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and a public inquiry ruled in Newey’s favour.

Newey has six children, seven grandchildren, and five great grand children, but his wife sadly passed away from cancer in 2007 – an illness which his family believe was not helped by the stress of their council battle.

With all those kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren he could probably use the cash!