Student Bar Under Fire For Selling Controversial ‘Paris Attack Drink’


A student bar in Sheffield has been rightly criticised for its offensive ‘Paris attack drink’.

The appallingly named drink is called a ‘Paris Bomb’ and consists of a red, a white and a blue shot, so it looks like the French tricolour.

The bar, called Paris, selling them isn’t backing down over the name either, advertising the drink on Instagram despite the inevitable backlash, the Daily Mail reports.


Paris claims that they sold the drink prior to the hideous attacks in the French capital which took the lives of 130 people in November last year.

The managers of the bar then responded to critics by saying if people did not like it, they should order something else, which is missing the point by about 50,000,000 miles.

The original post on instagram said:

The new week is here. Why not try a Paris bomb tonight at Shapes – four for £10.

Of course people weren’t happy with the tasteless name and Dina Cottier commented, ‘Paris bomb. Really?’

The bar replied:

Paris bombs have been around for two years but if the name is offending people feel free to suggest name changes. A ‘bomb shot’ or a ‘depth charge’ is a drink made by mixing two drinks (hence Jagerbomb).

It has nothing to do with the horrendous events in France. The name was suitable before November 15. If you don’t like it we serve a wide range of other drinks too.

drink featuredWikimedia

The bar has since deleted the Instagram post but has not responded to requests for comment.

Regardless of their reasoning let’s be honest, not renaming the drink after November was a pretty stupid thing to do and they’ve shown a complete lack of sensitivity over the name.

Let’s hope the managers see sense soon and change the awful name.