Student Caught Finishing Essay In Night Club Reveals His Final Mark

Lawrence Kemp/Facebook

A university student who went viral when he was caught finishing an assignment in a nightclub has received his final grade.

Lawrence Kemp, 21, a second year business management student at the University of Gloucestershire, was filmed on Snapchat multi-tasking as only uni students know how.

Juggling deadlines and the desire to sesh, Lawrence miraculously completed a 2,000 word essay while knocking back tinnies at pre-drinks and heading to a nightclub in Cheltenham.

Lawrence Kemp/Facebook

His dutiful friends, Eddy Hedley, 23, and Danny Cotter, 22, filmed his valiant efforts and uploaded them to Snapchat and Facebook.

Lawrence has since inspired thousands of university students who have been sharing the video online.

You can watch the whole boozey saga in the video below:

Lad finishes essay in the club

Sesh > assignment

Posted by Eddy Hedley on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Now, you may not think the flashing neon strobes and shit chart music of your average student clubnight is conducive to a healthy working environment.

Apparently, you’d be wrong. Lawrence has now revealed he received his mark for the assignment and the boy-genius got a first.

Lawrence, who said he was “delighted” with his score of 81, added:

To be perfectly honest, I had started a few days prior, but I left my last 750 words and editing to last minute. I fully intended on going out as I hadn’t been out in a while, but the assignment took longer than I thought.

So I was reluctant to join my mates until I finished, but I knew I was capable of editing work and enjoying the night.

Lawrence Kemp/Facebook

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Maybe the grading system was really easy and maybe this is a damning indictment of higher education.

Or maybe – as his degree title might suggest – Lawrence is just a genius when it comes to managing the balance between the business of pleasure and the business of scholarship. How’s that for transferable skills?