Student Arrested Over Racist Video Encouraging Shooting Black People In The Head

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 06 Aug 2019 08:11

Warning: Distressing Content

Student Expelled Over Racist VideoAnnabelle4SC/Twitter

A student from South Carolina has reportedly been arrested and has left his private Catholic school after video footage emerged of him threatening black people.


In the disturbing footage, the Cardinal Newman high school student, who identifies himself as Parker Mustian, claims to be a ‘hater of all black men’ before shooting a shoebox which he says represented black people.

Warning, this clip contains offensive language and racist slurs:


He said:


Howdy, I’m Parker Mustian and I hate black people. They’re the worst. They’re stinky and they just suck. They’re just bad people.

The 16-year-old then shoots a box of Air Jordans, which he refers to as the ‘favourite pair of shoes for a black man.’

The teen continued:

I’m going to show you what I think of a black man, f*ck all n*****s.


As reported by the New York Post, a second video shows Mustian continuing shoot the same shoebox, ranting:

It seems that out n***** hasn’t quite learned his lesson yet. It seems like he needs 25 rounds to the dome.

The footage was reportedly filmed in May, but started circulating around Cardinal Newman School in Columbia last month. School officials turned the videos over to the Richard County Sheriff’s Department, The State reported.

Student Expelled Over Racist Video Encouraging Shooting Black People In The HeadAnnabelle4SC/Twitter

FITS News reports Mustian is the grandson of Richard Quinn, a political strategist who was arrested earlier this year in a corruption probe. He faces charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

It’s reported Mustian is the son of prominent Columbia attorney Ben Mustian, Quinn’s son-in-law.

A source close to Mustian told the publication he recorded the clip for ‘shock value’.

They said:


The idea was to see who could be the most outlandishly, ridiculously offensive. They weren’t being serious.

According to The State, officers investigating the footage also found more footage and texts in which the teen threatens to ‘shoot up the school.’

The student has since been charged with making student threats, however authorities did not confirm his identity.

Student Expelled Over Racist Video Encouraging Shooting Black People In The HeadAnnabelle4SC/Twitter

When the school told parents of the arrest on Friday night, they didn’t identify Mustian as the teen in question.

According to FITS News, principal Robert Loia wrote:

The next few days may be challenging for Cardinal Newman School, so I ask your prayers for our students, teachers, staff and administration.

The clip was shared to social media by Annabelle Robertson, a former Democratic candidate for South Carolina’s second congressional district, whose daughter attends to the same school.

A later report from FITS News confirmed Mustian’s parents withdrew him from school with the threat of expulsion looming.

A letter from Cardinal Newman principal Robert Loia read:

Because we do not condone or tolerate racist or threatening behavior of any type, the parents were advised their son would be expelled; they chose to withdraw him from the school… We then told the parents in-person and in a letter than their son was banned from school property.

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