Student Feared ‘Abducted By Aliens’ After Mysterious Discovery In His Bedroom

by : UNILAD on : 05 Apr 2017 15:52

Fears for a missing student’s whereabouts have lead to theories that he may have been ‘abducted by aliens’.


According to a post on Imgur, Bruno Borges from Brazil had kept his room locked for a month. When it was finally opened he wasn’t there but what they found was some insanely freaky shit.


Imgur user razorhax0r took pictures of the stuff he found in Borges’ room and what he shows us wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of the X-Files.


He describes his room as:

… full of encrypted language and symbols all over the walls, along with 14 handwritten books (encrypted as well) and a statue of Giordano Bruno, italian Dominican philosopher worth approximately $2500 (R$7.000).

For a bit of background context, Giordano Bruno was a famed Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, and cosmological theorist. He was famed for his theories on the cosmos, proposing that the stars were just distant suns surrounded by their own exoplanets.


He was also of the first to raise the possibility that the surrounding planets could even foster life of their own.

razorhax0r states the books he left behind were in perfect ‘symmetry and aligning’, furthermore his family were unaware of the statute as he was alone when it was delivered. It sits atop a symbol that resembles the transmutation circle from Fullmetal Alchemist.

He also states that Bruno:

… was constantly asking people to invest in a project he had without telling them what it was all about.

He just told his mother he was writing 14 books that would change humanity in a good way. After getting $6500 (R$20.000) from his cousin, he was able to finish his project.


Bruno Borges disappeared last Monday and razorhax0r’s first conclusion was ‘Schizophrenia, obsession, and isolation’.

However according to his mother ‘he was outstandingly smart’ and read all kinds of books including William Shakespeare and the Bible when he was a teenager.

Let’s hope he’s found safe and well.

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    A man disappeared in Brazil and left behind 14 books full of encrypted hand-written text, a $2500 worth statue and a lot more