Student Fools Internet With Incredible Fake John Lewis Advert

by : UNILAD on : 06 Nov 2016 00:00
johnlewis4johnlewis4Youtube - njcreative

Nothing gives me that warm festive feeling quite like John Lewis’s Christmas advert (except last year’s… that was shit).


It has become one of Britain’s great Christmas traditions, and this A-level student teased the impatient nation with this impressively realistic John Lewis advert he made for his media coursework.

The short film, called The Snowglobe, tells the heartwarming/breaking story of a snowman who is counting down the days until Christmas so he can be with his love again.

In classic John Lewis fashion, the film tugs on the heartstrings with a classic story line that leads you down a sad path before that uplifting wave accompanied by a crescendo in the sweet acoustic female vocal in the background.


As beautiful as the graphics are, there are so many plot holes that are plaguing my mind. Why does his true love just appear on Christmas day?! I need a full explanation or I can’t get into it.


Youtube – njcreative

The 75 second clip went viral and racked up almost 360,000 views, much to the surprise of a-level student Nick who left his coursework until last minute.

johnlewis1johnlewis1Youtube - njcreative

Apparently it was a ‘rushed piece’ but he still got full marks…what a lad.

I just can’t wait for the real one now!

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