Student Running Team Take Homeless Dogs For Morning Jog

980x (1)Facebook / Luis Escobar

Although an early morning run through the scorching streets of California may seem like one of my least favourite ways to start the day, it certainly looked like these dogs enjoyed themselves. 

This is the beautiful moment a high school cross country team from St Joseph’s, Cali, decided it would be awfully nice to take out a dozen or so shelter dogs to join them on their morning workout, reports The Dodo.

Got a pretty cool cross country team (& coach!). Taking dogs from the animal shelter on a Morning Jog! If you see a dog you like, go adopt!

Posted by St. Joseph Athletics on Thursday, 4 August 2016

And judging from the short video of their exploits, the canine wielding four legged friends absolutely loved their time on a jog.

Except for Little Fred who was simply too exhausted to continue…

980xFacebook / Luis Escobar

Team Coach, Luis Escobar, wrote online:

I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun … the dogs or the kids. Either way, it was a great time and I am sure we will do it again sometime soon.

All in all, the kids and dogs ran a single mile. However, I bet the kid in the middle of this screenshot could run a few miles more given that he looks like he’s being brutally hunted down by the pack of dogs.

980x (1)Facebook / Luis Escobar

But jokes aside, what a brilliant idea by St Joseph’s – no pent up dogs want to spend their summer days locked up inside away from the outside world.

Hopefully, this video will inspire others to do similar things.