Student Suspended For Wearing ‘Offensive’ Shirt To School

by : UNILAD on : 23 May 2018 21:33
Student suspended for 'offensive' shirt on TVStudent suspended for 'offensive' shirt on TVWCNC

Get a load of this. This is the story of a girl called Summer, who had the nerve to go to school wearing this top (pictured above). Just who does she think she is.


Breaking the liberal dress code of her school, Summer clearly thought that she was above the law – but just what was it that she was wearing.

Feast your eyes on this:

Student suspended for 'offensive' shirt on TVStudent suspended for 'offensive' shirt on TVWCNC

Should’ve wrote an: ‘If You’re Easily Offended Look Away Now’ warning at the top of this article… How despicable. How truly shocking. I will never erase the image of this girl’s offensive shoulders from my minds eye!


Of course I’m joking!

But in all seriousness, how ridiculous is it, Summer, a straight A student, was suspended for this and this alone. The reason for her suspension was, she was showing her shoulders.

As if it couldn’t get worse, the suspension initially meant Summer wouldn’t have been able to graduate – despite receiving countless scholarship offers.

They’re shoulders and it’s not like she’s stepping into the Vatican, she’s going to school. Since when does a few inches of bare neck flesh effect your education? Spoiler, it doesn’t. Well unless you get suspended…

The woman who, in particular, took a disliking to Summer’s shoulders, was the school’s principal, Michelle Cline. So for the sake of a loose fitting shirt on a child, Cline decided to deprive Summer of her education – education being, without a doubt, one of the most important things in the world.

Summer, who attends Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina, claims she’s had issues with Ms Cline before, so much so, her mum’s asked the school call her if Summer ever gets in trouble.

According to Summer, she was in the school cafeteria when Ms Cline confronted her about the shirt, which partially exposed her shoulders.

Ms Cline ordered Summer to change, an order which she refused, instead borrowing a friend’s jacket to cover her shoulders to make sure she was in compliance with the school’s dress code.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t good enough for the principal who, along with a school police officer, confronted Summer later on the same day.

Summer suspended from schoolSummer suspended from schoolWCNC

Cline asked Summer to change her shirt again, threatening her with arrest. Once again however, Summer refused.

Now imagine, not only being deprived of education for wearing a shirt which shows your shoulders, but then also being threatened with arrest. Deary, deary me! And I thought some of my teachers were jobsworths!

While the school police man didn’t arrest Summer, she did receive a suspension order, which barred her from attending school for ten days and prohibited her from walking at graduation due to her ‘insubordination’.

What probably won’t come as a surprise to you is Principal Cline has made headlines before due to her super strict dress code.

The headlines she made in the past dealt with her suspending 45 female students for wearing leggings in class. I know rules and regulations are in place for a reason but surely leggings and loose tops around the neck don’t sanction a suspension?

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