Student Suspended For Wearing This Shirt To School


The internet has rallied round an honour role high school student who’s been been suspended after she was accused of violating her school’s dress code.

So what did she wear? An explicit shirt? Crocs? White after Labour Day?

No, the girl who’s known as Summer, wore a green shirt that if I’m honest looks completely normal but for whatever reason the school’s principal, Michelle Cline, took offence to it and suspended her the i100 reports.

Don’t take our word though, judge for yourself…


Summer, who attends Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina, claims she’s had issues with Ms Cline before so much so her mum’s asked that the school call her if Summer ever gets in trouble.

According to Summer she was in the school cafeteria when Ms Cline confronted her about the shirt which partially exposed her shoulders.

Ms Cline ordered that Summer change, an order which she refused instead borrowing a friend’s jacket to cover her shoulders so as to make sure she was in compliance with the school’s dress code.

Hickory Ridge Via Wikimedia

Unfortunately that wasn’t good enough for the principal who, along with a school police officer (What the hell type of school has dedicated police officers?) confronted  Summer again later in the day

Cline asked Summer to change her shirt again, threatening her with arrest (Seriously did I slide into a parallel universe where this is a thing while I slept). Once again however Summer refused.

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And while the school police man, who we bet is super proud of his work, didn’t arrest Summer she did receive a suspension order which barred her from attending school for ten days and prohibited her from walking at graduation due to her ‘insubordination’.

Summer’s classmates and strangers on the internet are livid…

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It’s worth noting however that we’ve only heard one side of the story as the school is reportedly unable to comment on the matter.

Ms Cline has hit the headlines before for her rigid dress code suspending 45 female students for wearing leggings as pants last September.

I hate to point the finger but I think, possibly, just possibly, Ms Kline is a wee bit of a prude.