Students Drank So Much Booze At Party The Air Registered On Breathalyser


Question: Can you drink so much alcohol that even the room itself could register on a breathalyser?

The answer is a surprising: yes. Turns out with enough alcohol in the environment you can get your house absolutely off its face.

The discovery was made, much to the dismay (and perhaps amusement) of attendees at a college frat party.

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According to The Independent, the students had drunk so much alcohol at a fraternity party the air inside the house registered on the breathalyser. What were they doing, slapping on booze-scented cologne?

70 people had attended the exclusive party of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, which was registered to a private American University, at a house in the upscale neighbourhood of Bethesda, Maryland. Dubbed ‘Tequila Tuesday’ residents got so annoyed with the rambunctious party that they ended up calling the authorities.

When they arrived the six alleged occupants of the house (Jeffrey Becker, Ashton Acosta, Anthony Santana, Kevin Alkinburg, Matthew Berger and Tristan Ralph, all 20-years-old) were charged with 126 counts of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor. They now face fines of up to $315,000 (£235,463) according to local ABC channel WJLA.


Apparently, the excessive amounts of alcohol had seeped into the air of the suburban household and registered a 0.01 on an officer’s breathalyser. The drink-drive limit in America being 0.08.

The party, which was being held last month in November was brought to an abrupt end when three Montgomery County police officers arrived on the scene. According to their reports, they discovered bin bags and insulation draped over the windows as well as empty cans and bottles inside the house.


WJLA reports police officers setup a breathalysing station to test out partygoers, some of whom were as young as 17-years-old. Many of those tested vowed never to attend another college frat party ever again.

Additionally, it was said one partygoer attempted to jump from a second-storey window to avoid police.