Students Film Suspect Shot Dead By Police At Ohio University


Ohio State University has become the scene of a major police operation amid reports an active shooter is on campus.

Eight people have been hospitalised in the ‘gun and machete’ attack, with one person in a critical condition according to CNN.

The Daily Mirror has reported one suspected is thought to have been shot dead by police, while at least one other is thought to remain at large.

Students were told via the University’s social media account to ‘run, hide, or fight’.

The campus in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest in the U.S. and the situation has yet to be confirmed as under control with armed police on the scene.

Students have been sharing their harrowing experience of the situation via Twitter…

Student Harrison Roth described the situation to Mirror Online:

We were taking a quiz when all of a sudden everyone got a text from the campus alert system that told us about this.

We didn’t know how serious it was but pretty soon everyone was getting texts from other people who were in the building/saw the shooter.

We see police tape from my room, but we’ve seen pictures taken by other people on campus of a body on the ground.

Images of what is thought to be the body of one suspect have also surfaced online…

Warning: Image of dead body

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-16-47-52Ben Slaton/Twitter

Slaton also captured graphic footage of police covering the body of an alleged suspect which we will not include, but click here if you wish to view.

Police later revealed that one of the attackers had driven a car onto the pavement and into pedestrians before getting out and attacking people with a butcher knife.

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the ongoing situation – more to follow.