Japanese Students Had Their Graduation Ceremony In Minecraft To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

by : Julia Banim on : 16 Mar 2020 18:54
Minecraft graduation@backyennew/Twitter

With coronavirus dominating the global headlines, it’s easy to forget that ordinary life marches on, albeit in slightly different ways to the norm.

Many of us are still working and studying and finding new box sets to become obsessed with. There’s still engagements and birthdays to celebrate and, of course, hard earned graduations.


As is the case in various countries across the globe, schools in Japan are now closed and will probably remain that way by the time the end of March rolls around.

Minecraft graduation@backyennew/Twitter

As well as missing their usual lessons and classroom activities, many disappointed kids will also miss out on special moments such as school concerts and graduation ceremonies.

However, a group of elementary school pupils from Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, were determined to celebrate their graduation together, even if they couldn’t be there in person.


With the official graduation ceremony cancelled, a group of young friends decided to take action and orchestrate their own, all via the world of Minecraft.

On March 14, Twitter user backyennew shared pictures and footage of his son partaking in a virtual elementary school graduation he had dreamt up with his pals.

Check out ‘footage’ from the ceremony below:


A caption to the series of snaps reads: ‘What are you doing? We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together! Oh? Awesome. The elementary students gathered to start graduation themselves’.

Despite remaining at home throughout their big day, the pupils were still able to mark this academic milestone together. Without any apparent help from the teachers.

Their ceremony took place in a Minecraft brick auditorium, complete with a host, speeches, and – of course – the all important handing out of diplomas.

According to backyennew, the children gathered together online all day, laughing, playing games and having plenty of fun. The proud father was also surprised and impressed by the great job the kids had done crafting the auditorium.


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Speaking after his post went viral, the dad said: ‘[this is] bright news that shines in a gloomy social situation. I want everyone to know that. I also hope that a new perspective will open up in the way games are perceived’.

Many people have been left greatly inspired by the students’ perseverance and creativity in the face of disappointment, with one person commenting:

Shows that even in quarantine, the younger generation still know how to have some fun.


Another applauded:

Virtual is definitely a viable alternative. Brilliant!

Minecraft graduation@backyennew/Twitter

Congratulations to these super imaginative students on their one-of-a-kind graduation!

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